Welcome to DP Human Capital Management LLC, where expertise meets innovation in human resource consultancy. Founded in 2018 by Del Peeples, a seasoned HR practitioner with over 20 years of industry experience, the company was born out of a passion for delivering tailored HR solutions. After years of working for other organizations, Del Peeples recognized the need for specialized support in navigating California’s intricate labor and employment law landscape. At DP Human Capital Management LLC, we pride ourselves on providing organizations, irrespective of size, with the knowledge and expertise required to thrive in this complex environment. Since our inception, our client portfolio has expanded significantly, spanning diverse sectors including healthcare, retail, marketing and media, insurance, building services, and financial services. We are dedicated to empowering organizations with strategic HR solutions that drive success in today’s dynamic business world.

What does “human capital” mean? In simple terms, human capital encompasses the skills, knowledge, and experience that individuals bring to an organization, valued for their contribution. It’s a comprehensive blend of tangible and intangible human qualities, competencies, and know-how that employees offer. These attributes can be harnessed and directed to generate tangible economic benefits for a business, whether in the form of revenue, profits, a healthy balance sheet, or building positive reputation and relationships.

How does “human capital” differ from “human resources”? Traditionally, the term “human resources” has been about the tasks employees perform, with the job defining the individual’s role. In contrast, the human capital perspective shifts the focus from the job to the skills and training individuals bring. It looks at the long-term investment in these abilities, acknowledging that the returns generated over time contribute to defining the overall success of the business. Here, the individual’s efforts become a crucial factor in shaping the collective success of the work environment.

Wondering if engaging an HR consultant is necessary for your business? If you’re a business owner or executive, it’s worth considering why DP Human Capital Management LLC’s services might be beneficial for your company. Ask yourself:

  • Is your concept of human resources limited to paying employees and maintaining health insurance coverage?
  • Is HR currently handled by roles like Office Manager, Executive Assistant, or Controller/CFO, adding to their already full plate?
  • Do you sense a need to enhance your company’s HR capabilities but are unsure about the specifics, how to implement changes, or what the associated costs might be?
  • Is your employee handbook, assuming you have one, up-to-date with policies reflecting the latest changes in California labor and employment laws?
  • Is your Worker’s Comp Xmod factor consistently increasing year over year?
  • Has your payroll department reported a rising California UI rate annually?

Finally, reflect on whether you’ve had to invest significant time, mental energy, and operational funds in defending against wage-and-hour, discrimination, harassment, or other potentially questionable claims.

Engaging an HR consultant can provide strategic solutions to these challenges, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business. DP Human Capital Management LLC can help business owners and executives reduce “hidden” operating expenses which take away from the bottom line and avoid costly legal exposures due to insufficient or non-existent HR practices.


Why should your company consider using DP Human Capital Management LLC? Ask yourself if any of these apply to your business:

  • When you walk through your building, does it seem like your employees are fully engaged in their work or just watching the clock or working for the next paycheck?
  • Are you frustrated by the time, energy and costs expended to attract, hire, train and retain top-notch talent?
  • Are you concerned that your employee turnover seems to be higher than you think it should be?
  • Do you have a retention strategy to address or prevent what might happen to your business if your most valued or key employees quit, retire, get recruited away or otherwise leave?

DP Human Capital Management LLC can help business owners and executives recognize both the tangible (economic) and intangible (cultural) value propositions of maximizing human capital ROI through talent development, aligning teams and effective people strategies.

Still not convinced? Think about your trusted circle of friends, associates and business advisors: if they include those with expertise in legal matters, business management, finance and operations, why wouldn’t you also augment this cadre of professionals with a business partner who brings to the table an understanding of the unique HR business challenges facing small companies in an ever-increasing challenging business climate?

Del Peeples brings to the table a wheelhouse of potent hard and soft-skill sets, technical expertise reflected by a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Certified Professional designation and 20+ years of hands-on experience across all of the traditionally-recognized HR disciplines. In summary: an unparalleled capability to deliver bespoke and cost-effective HR solutions.

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